The school is based on the “Osunalogy” method, which has proven to be extremely successful for twenty-five years in all aspects of musical as well as human growth.

The method of teaching is a combination of the very successful Suzuki method and Osunalogy, which combines music improvisation with the Suzuki method as tools to teach how music is put together. Tommy teaches the art of self-expression in lyric, rhythm and overall music development. His approach is to find topics that the student likes and then have them write lyrics based on exploring their answers to questions about their chosen topic. From there, Tommy shows them how melody works by using any melodic instrument to teach how pitches can go up and down, be repeated, mirrored, get louder and softer, etc. This becomes their creation! Tommy then gets them to memorize their composition and records it for the student to enjoy!

The first step is to make a demo recording of the songs. Then the student goes with Tommy to a professional recording facility and makes a recording. Some of Tommy’s 3 year old students have already recorded multiple songs! Some songs are about bugs, some are about princesses, and some are about lambs… but what’s great is that the children see how they can realize their creative potential. As the process unfolds Tommy spoon-feeds the musical theory, composition and formal reading and writing of music. The students put all the ideas together so they are much more interested in continuing these music expression lessons than in regular, formal lessons (which usually dictate only the particular teacher’s strengths to them). All our kids learn how to read and write music so this is not an incomplete program but a comprehensive musical education geared to the age and interests of the child. Sign your child up now for one of the best creative experiences your child will ever have!

Tommy also has a Rock ‘n’ Roll band where kids learn how to write their own songs, make flyers, put on a show and deal with all aspects of music performances.

About Tommy

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