He taught us that we can always learn and progress no matter what we do, he taught us how to express ourselves through music and he gave us the tools to take it further. Best decision I have ever made was to give my boys lessons with Tommy Osuna.

– Bridgette Moats

The Osuna School of Music has taught me more about music than all the years that I played through schools! Tommy has also showed me more about who I am as a person and showed me through different styles of music that reaching the soul through music is a healing process! It’s a great school for sure!!!

– Jason Clark

He can see and knows with his head and heart engaged, a pure and gifted musician and teacher – a co-active soul connection. Tommy worked with the vibration of my soul! He gently reached into my core and like playing strings, he pulled and plucked until he saw the real beauty of my gifts and talents.

– Pati Maez

Tommy turned me from an amateur into a professional… I learned more than I ever dreamed of. He opened my Pandora’s box of potential, and inspired me to do and be great things. He is a great man and a fantastic teacher, and I would recommend him above all others.

– Cameron Black

If you desire a mentor to guide you into the rhythm of yourself, to show you how to express a new awareness through a divine-given, audibly tangible method, and to open the sensitive envelope of “this is me and this is what my sould has to say” – then go to Tommy Osuna.

– Jessie Finneman